Built Totally Green with Michaela Miller – show 32

On August 27, 2008, tropical storm Fay crisscrosses the state of Florida four times. It hits Jacksonville hard. The violent winds tore down trees and the rivers rose. It was a presidentially declared disaster. When the storm passes, Michaela and Steve’s home was left in ruins. However, Mother Nature also left new opportunity. And it was green. This is a how the film “Built Totally Green” begins.

My guest, Michaela Miller, became a leader in the Green Building movement by fully deconstructing her house after tropical storm Fay and rebuilding it to become the 1st Platinum LEED certified home in NE Florida. Her film is a step-by-step account of she and her husband’s entire green building process and their very unique personal journey.

After the storm

About my guest: Michaela Miller and her husband, Steve Sadler, built the 1st Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and 1st Platinum FGBC (Florida Green Building Coalition) home in NE Florida. “Villa Paraiso” (Home of Paradise) is a true leader in sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The HERS rating is 18 – making it one of the most energy efficient homes in the U.S.  92.4% of all construction and debris was diverted from the landfill. Michaela speaks regularly to environmental and civic groups to help educate others through her very unique and personal experience. They have produced an award winning documentary “Built Totally Green $ave our Future” of the storm, deconstruction and entire rebuild. It also includes 25+ Energy Tips that have saved consumers $75-$100 per month.

Michaela and Steve's rebuilt Platinum LEED home

Michaela’s  TEAM of Women and Women-owned Businesses that helped with the rebuild:

LEED facilitator: Mary Tappouni, Breaking Ground Contracting
GC: Kathi Mitchell – Green Install (recycled drywall, dens glass and stucco)
Structural Engineer: Tamara Baker, Baker Klein Engineering
Architects: Corie Baker and Courtney Magnum, C Squared Design
Framing: Trish Kolosky, Kirk’s Framing
Paige Cox: Lumber Unlimited
Interior Designer: Brittany Cagle, Cagle Design
Insurance: Veronica Della Porta, Della Porta Group
USGBC N. FL: Sarah Boren and Susan Cleveland
St. Johns River Water Management District: Deirdre Irwin

Their organic native garden

Michaela’s Links


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Energy tips article

http://jacksonville.com/community/mandarin/2010-11-06/story/these-mandarin-area-residents-have-adopted-green-lifestyle (Homeowner is saving $75-$100 per month).

Gold Water Star


FL Times Union (Earth Day)


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