We Were Made For These Times – show 24

This show is different from any other show I have produced so far. What you are about to hear are words of Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ You Were Made For This. A powerful poem spoken by 22 powerful women leaders from diverse cultures, ages and backgrounds. Each of them in their own unique way have dedicated their lives and labors to changing, healing and nourishing the world for the benefit of all. 

This show is recorded live at the Ocamora Retreat Center in New Mexico. A magical place where all 22 of us were in the caldron of community made possible by two extraordinary women leaders, Nina Simons and Toby Herzlich for their Cultivating Women’s Leadership Program. May the words and wisdom of the women bless you as they have blessed me. Warning: You might want to get a tissue before you listen to this.

About Cultivating Women’s Leadership Intensives: A Bioneers program, these 5-day intensive forums are designed for women of ‘significant capacity’ who are deeply committed to progressive social and environmental change. CWL defines significant capacity in diverse terms, including women’s inherent talents and skills, positions of influence, vision and passion, as well as their resources, both economic and social.

These Women’s Leadership Retreats focus on leadership that is sourced from each woman’s deep love and passionate commitment – for the natural world, women, health, children, the sacred and justice. The form of leadership is informed by the combined intelligence of our bodies, hearts, minds and intuitive knowing. This kind of leadership values humility, listening and not-knowing, and understands vulnerability as a potential asset. It prioritizes authenticity, mutual respect, and collaborative and inclusive approaches. It is based upon the principal that leadership emerges from the inner work we do, and that we cannot influence change we haven’t embodied ourselves.

A Big Thank You to all the women who made this podcast possible. And a special thank you to Gemma Bulos whose beautiful voice and music graced our production. We Rise — thanks to her.

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  1. Thank you, Carolyn. Listening to this brought tears to my eyes and goose bumps all over my being – as it did the day we recorded it. I am grateful to be tethered to you all (the women of the podcast) and to share in the launch of all of our great ships!

  2. You are at the helm!

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