Can Western Women Save the World? The Dalai Lama Thinks So.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama made a stunning proclamation last year at a Peace Summit in Vancouver. He said, “The world will be saved by the western woman.” This statement shocked the audience and started a tsunami of responses in cyberspace. Can you imagine? Women saving the world?

After the initial elation I felt to hear such a highly respected male leader make such a statement, I thought to myself, duh, of course it will be women. We make 85% of the consumer purchases. We can save the world right now by what we buy – and don’t buy.

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Women Rock at the Women in Green Forum – show 25

The Dalai Lama said last year in Vancouver that western women will save the world. I think most of them were at the Women in Green Forum in Pasadena earlier this month. A two-day conference and networking gala filled with women on the forefront of the green movement. I was fortunate to be there and in good, no great, company.

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We Were Made For These Times – show 24

This show is different from any other show I have produced so far. What you are about to hear are words of Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ “You Were Made For This”. A powerful poem spoken by 22 powerful women leaders from diverse cultures, ages and backgrounds. Each of them in their own unique way have dedicated their lives and labors to changing, healing and nourishing the world for the benefit of all.

This show takes place at the Ocamora Retreat Center in New Mexico. For one rich, glorious week, all 22 of us were in the caldron of community made possible by two extraordinary women leaders, Nina Simons and Toby Herzlich for their Cultivating Women’s Leadership Program. This is where this podcast was born. May the words and wisdom of these women bless you as they have blessed me. Warning: You might want to get a tissue before you play this.

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