Eat Granola, Pray, Love – show 22

I am a granola freak. I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One holiday I even made granola for all my friends in pretty packages. The problem is I ate most of it. Something I am not proud of.

So my guest is a woman after my own heart. She started a granola company three years ago and recently sold her one millionth bar. When I asked her the impact she wants to have on the planet, she said, “Everyone has the right to pure and simple food.” It’s that simple for Alison.

Alison Bailey Vercruysse is the CEO and founder of 18 Rabbits. Her love for granola and serving up simple ingredients goes way back to her childhood. Her deep love for her mom (not to mention her secret recipes) stands at the core of the 18 Rabbits brand. Made from ingredients like organic coconut, California almonds, and Straus butter (see I can pronounce all of them) make 18 Rabbits a wholesome, mouth-watering treat. But don’t believe me. If you tell us your favorite “rabbit” story or quip in the comment box below, I’ll send you a free, super yummy 18 Rabbits granola bar — compliments of Alison. What’s up with the rabbits? Listen to this podcast and you’ll see.

This podcast was recorded at the LOHAS Forum in Boulder, Colorado.

About my guest: Alison worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, but found her heart was in creating baked goods. In San Francisco, she delved into the pastry kitchen at the acclaimed Citizen Cake as an apprentice, and then learned hands-on production in the pastry kitchen at Taste Catering. Since Alison found her passion, she is always creating new recipes and rarely makes the same one twice. She also loves to experiment with unique ingredients that she has found on her travels, in written literature or while conversing with people from around the world.

A couple times a year Alison travels to the French countryside where part of her family lives in a 2000-year-old farmhouse among vines, olive trees, a fruit orchard and vegetable garden. She enjoys immersing herself in learning century-old cooking techniques; plucking the fruit off the vines and watching her nephew devour whatever she makes. Alison lives in a Victorian flat in San Francisco with her husband, Craig, a few blocks from Golden Gate Park where they take long strolls under the Redwoods and Cypress trees. They also both host a monthly cooking segment on ABC’s View from the Bay. Alison holds an MBA from DePaul University and a BBA from Southern Methodist University.

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