Eat Granola, Pray, Love – show 22

Alison Bailey Vercruysse started a granola company three years ago and recently sold her one millionth bar. When I asked her the impact she wants to have on the planet, she said, “Everyone has the right to pure and simple food.” It’s that simple for Alison. She is the CEO and founder of 18 Rabbits. Her love for granola and serving up simple ingredients goes way back to her childhood. Her deep love for her mom (not to mention her secret recipes) stands at the core of the 18 Rabbits brand. Made from ingredients like organic coconut, California almonds, and Straus butter (see I can pronounce all of them) make 18 Rabbits a wholesome, mouth-watering treat.

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A conversation with Paula DuPre’ Pesmen, producer of Academy Award winning film, The Cove – show 21

“Taiji, a little town with a really big secret.” That’s how the Academy Award winning documentary film, The Cove, begins. The really big secret that takes place in this little fishing town in Japan is a really big nightmare. Year after year, dolphins on a migratory path are surrounded by fishing boats, slaughtered and sold for their meat. Hundreds of thousands of dolphins have died in this cove. Except for the young, female dolphins which sell for up to $150,000 to marine parks and “swim with dolphin” programs around the world.

This is the backdrop of my conversation with Paula DuPre’ Pesmen, the producer of The Cove. Paula shares how this film has impacted her and why its message shouldn’t just end with the filmmakers. “One person can make a difference. You can make a difference,” she said out loud. And she proves this every day of her life through her non-profit, There With Care. Her mission: To provide a range of practical services for children and families facing critical illness in order to ease the burden of life’s day-to-day obligations during a medical crisis.

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How Green is Your Spa? with Tara Grodjesk of Green Spa Network – show 20

My guest today is woman I have known for a number of years.Tara Grodjesk and I met about 4 years ago when I was helping actress, Marsha Mason, launch her natural products company, Resting in the River. Back then, Tara told me about an idea she was percolating — a professional network to help spa owners green up. What was a seed is now fully sprouted. The Green Spa Network is a thriving membership organization that helps spa owners take specific steps to green up their spas. And there’s more than 14,000 in the US alone. Tara shares her journey and passion in how she’s helping an industry she’s been intimately engaged with for over 25 years take a healthy and prosperous leap into the future.

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