Eco Deals on Ecobunga! with co-founder, Karen Schiff – show 19

For years, one of the biggest roadblocks for going green is the price. Typically green or organic goods can be anywhere from 20 to 50 percent more. So unless you’re a die hard greenie, chances are you’ll pass up the organic kitty litter for the more conventional type. Not any more. Thanks to Karen Schiff, a woman who knows the art of green deal, There’s EcoBunga, an online directory that lists hundreds of green giveaways and deals everyday. From hybrid cars to organic foods. And since the site’s launch in 2008, Karen has personally reviewed thousands of green promotions, screening each one to ensure that the listing is truly green and truly a deal before publishing it online.

About my guest: Karen Schiff is co-founder of Ecobunga!, an online directory listing hund

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BP and the Balance of Feminine and Masculine.

The balance of the masculine and the feminine is my mantra on Women Of Green. With the recent (or not-so-recent) oil spill, we see the extreme need for this more than ever. My heart burst open every day watching our waters be turned into a toxic soup of sorrow. With that, I share the blog post below by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox. It shines a light on an important view on the BP story that has not been covered in the current news.

— Carolyn

One year ago, BP’s most senior woman left the company. Vivienne Cox was the head of the company’s renewable energy business. A lifelong proponent and pusher of sustainability issues, she was one of the many women to leave the company after the current CEO Tony Hayward took over from Lord Brown, something reported on at the time. Watching the current debacle and the culture that created it, one wonders had she and the other women stayed, would BP be in its current mess?

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Seeping Up The Sludge One Strand at a Time – show 18

My guest today is working hard along with thousands of other volunteers on containing the spew with hair – human hair, dog hair, even alpaca hair. This nationwide effort is lead by the not-for-profit organization, Matter of Trust, that turns the collected hair into oil collection mats and tubes. And so far they’ve collected hair from thousands of individuals and over 40,000 businesses have signed up.

This podcast is on location at a local salon in Santa Fe. Melodi Wyss-Feliciano, the owner of Rock Paper Scissor Salonspa, is leading the way in New Mexico and has collected boxes and boxes of hair not only from her salon, but others in New Mexico. Yesterday, she added my hair. What about yours? Think of it, your strands seeping up the sludge. It’s a beautiful thing.

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