Me First, Planet Later? with Jacquelyn Ottman – show 16

Consumers buy over $200 billion of natural personal care and cleaning products, organic produce, hybrid cars, fair trade coffee, and the list goes on.

But gone are the days of buying green to save the planet. The green market is maturing and the name of the game is “Me first, planet later.” My guest knows this more than anyone. Jacquelyn Ottman is a true pioneer in green marketing and the author of “Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation.” She has helped over 60 Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, 3M, and Nike – as well as the EPA’s Energy Star label find competitive advantage in this growing market.

As a green marketer myself, I have admired her from afar for years, I am thrilled to have her on Women Of Green to talk about where we are in green, and what’s to come.

About my guest: Jacquelyn Ottman is a pioneer and expert on green marketing. For over 20 years, as the founder and president of J. Ottman Consulting, Inc., she has helped over 60 of the Fortune 500 including IBM, 3M, HSBC, and Nike, as well as the US EPA’s Energy Star® label find competitive advantage by leveraging credible green marketing and eco-innovation strategies.

A sought-after speaker at industry conferences around the globe, Ms. Ottman is the author of Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation.  Now in its second edition, it has been described by the American Marketing Association as the “definitive work on the subject” and has been translated into six languages. Her next book, The New Rules of Green Marketing is slated for Fall 2010.

Jacquelyn’s links:

A Big Shout Out to Kathryn Calaby for sharing with us what it means to her to be a woman of green:

What does it mean to be a woman of green – Community, Spirituality, Wisdom and Belief. Community – having the ability to reach out to the community and become part of a community is important. A community is a space where people share experiences, find a common bond and work together to become more environmentally aware and see social change community a key – as a woman of green we can create this. Spirituality – being spiritually connected to place that we live – smelling the air, touching the earth and feeling the warmth of sunbeams – relishing but remembering to also protect the environment in which we live. Wisdom – as woman we hold so much knowledge and inner wisdom that we can share and learn from. As a woman of green we need to remember to take time to listen to each other. Belief as a woman of green we need to keep believing– we can make a change no matter how big or small every contribution counts to the environment. We all hold a patch on this planet and together we can sew all these patches together to keep our people and world together!

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