The State of Solar – show 11

This podcast takes place at the Renewable Energy World Conference in Austin, Texas. Billed as one the largest renewable energy conferences in the world, there were over 4,000 professionals promoting everything from solar energy, to wind power, to biomass, to geothermal, to ocean power, to biofuels and more. The future definately looks bright.

However, with all the choices we have today, less than 7% of our energy consumption is in renewables. Women of green, we need to change that. And change that now.

Fortunately, my guest is on it. She’s a female force helping to move the needle in solar energy. Nancy Hartsoch is a Vice President at SolFocus, a company that developed concentrator photovoltaic technology that allows for low-cost, clean energy that is scalable and dependable. 

In my interview with her, we talked the many choices on the market today and what the main deterrents are for ordinary people to get going with renewable energy. This woman is smart. So listen up!

About my guest:  Nancy Hartsoch is Vice President of Marketing and Sales for SolFocus, with responsibility for global marketing and sales activities in North America and the Rest of World territories.  She joined the company in late 2006.  Prior to joining SolFocus she was CEO of Pacific Technology Group which she co-founded in 1994 in partnership with Taiwan-based Acer Labs Inc. (ALi) to provide marketing, sales, and applications engineering to launch an existing product line into the global market. She began her technology marketing career at American Microsystems, Inc. Nancy is also the Chairperson/Director of the CPV Consortium, a global industry organization of companies in the Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) industry.  She received her BA and MBA from San Jose State University.

Nancy’s links:

  • SolFocus website –
  • Sustainability post –
  • Videos –
  • Images –

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TO WIN answer:  “What does it mean to be a woman of green?” below in our comments section. We want to hear your voice! A big shout out to Becki for her response here: 

Simply, lead by example. You have all the power as a woman to teach, nourish, practice and explore. You need to teach the children (yours and others around) that they are the change. THEY hold education and awareness in their hands to embrace and spread. Nourish their souls for every impression makes a habit and every habit may not be questioned in their life. Start them out with the best ones you can (i.e. recycling, the basics to start). Practice what you preach. Anyone CAN change their habits if they give it effort until it works. Explore possibilities. Explore habits. Explore education and research. Explore the wildlife and DEFINATELY explore your backyard. And EMBRACE. Embrace Love; Peace; Knowledge; Change.

Now, send us your answer!

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  1. What does it mean to be a woman of green?

    Sharing the beauty of our world with my young children. Whether it be hiking up the local canyon and admiring the trees and mosses that grow on each side, watching the storms coming in and discussing weather patterns, sorting the recycling and compost, choosing food items where we know the farmer or source of the food, discussing how a car works, and sharing how other people believe, live and make choices. Yes, we also enjoy a good yoga move every now and then too, even if we make barks (downward facing dog), meows (cat) and moos (cow). And together practicing taking a deep breath of appreciation of our neighborhood.


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