Working Mother on a Mission – show 9

One of the biggest reasons I started Women Of Green was to create a community of women passionate and brave enough to speak out on behalf of our environment, our children and future generations.

I know women have significant influence and economic power to change things. According to the New York Times, “There are more women controlling more wealth in the U.S. than ever before. Of those in the wealthiest tier of the country (defined by the I.R.S.) as individuals with assets of at least $1.5 million – 45% are women.”

That’s huge.

My dream with WOG is to help harness that power and passion of women and direct it toward creating a healthy, sound world and environment. One of the most effective ways to do that is through business.

Visionary and prolific author, Paul Hawken says, “Business is the only mechanism on the planet today powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse environmental and social degradation.”

Mix that with motherhood and you’ve got a potent recipe for change.

My guest today is a perfect example of this. Karen Ciesar is a successful business woman who owns Trillium Organics, makers of certified, organic personal care product since 1994. Her products sell in Whole Foods and in health stores around country. Deeply devoted and wildly vocal, Karen shares with us the truth about most personal care products on the market today — and the passions and pitfalls of being a working mother with a mission.    

About my guest: Karen Ciesar is a mother of three children, and the founder and formulator of  Trillium Organics, a leader in the movement for clean, safe personal care since 1994. Trillium Organics has recently been endorsed by the Organic Consumers Association as a “brand to trust” in their recent BUYcott campaign. 

Great resources from Karen:

  • A searchable database of cosmetic safety
  • A searchable database of family product safety
  • A comprehensive and informative site about environmental exposures
  • An activist website about all issues surrounding organic, food, personal care and fibers.
  • Pregnant Women’s Bodies Polluted with Chemicals Found in Consumer Products.

What does it mean to be a woman of green? Women Of Green is about turning up the voice of the feminine in the green movement. I want to hear your voice. Tell me what it means to be a women of green in your words, then click on the comment box below and you will automatically be eligible for our fabulous Earth Day gifts from some of my Women Of Green guests. Organic skin care products from Trillium Organics, a signed copy of “Hot Rich & Green” from Rebecca Harrell Tickell, business coaching with me, a subscription to Edible Communities and more. So what does it mean to be a woman of green?

  1. I am so excited about the idea of using art as a means of touching lives and informing them of alternative ways to ‘fuel’ the planet.

    I look forward to hearing more about the speakers projects. The one about the 3 wishes for Tanzania sounds very interesting. And I would love to see more about her nature art.

    Love the show!

  2. Thanks Josephine to listening! And we love to speak so let’s talk. Carolyn

  3. Helping to educate women, men too, about the beauty and safety of organic skincare has been a goal of mine for some time now. I had a very bad fall in 2009. I fell on my forehead, third eye, and I guess it really knocked some real sense into me. I had no insurance and I realized I really needed to take care of my self. I was brought up to eat well, but some times I forgot.
    After the fall and unable to find work, I started to research making holistic items. Just now started to get some products out. A nice account that I have and proud of is with a plastic surgeons office in southern California…life is good.

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