50 foot Solar Peace Sculpture – show 7

Many of you might not know that what I do in my day job is green marketing. And part of my work is getting the word out on green businesses and organizations through social media. I met my guest today just that way. Laura Martorella  captivated me with a very intriguing project called the Solar Peace Sculpture. A 50 foot peace sculpture that artist, Fred George, visions in key cities around the world.  Its contents: oil barrels, solar panels and interactive media.  When asked why a 50 foot sculpture, Fred said, “To sound a global alarm of our crisis of consumption.” What does it bring up in you?

About my guest. Laura Martorella is the producer of the Solar Peace Sculpture Project.  She is also an artist in her own right — a photographer and documentary filmmaker. You can check out her work at My Tribe Media.

I want to hear from you! Women of Green is about turning up the voice of the feminine in the green movement.  I want to hear your voice. Tell me what the Solar Peace Sculpture stirs in you? Post it in our comment box below. Your voice matters.

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