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March, 2010 | Women of Green

Falling in Love with Food Again with Kate Manchester – show 10

On our last show we talked about what goes on our bodies, goes in our bodies. In our show today, we talked about what goes in our mouth. My guest, Kate Manchester, Editor of edible Santa Fe, shares the true cost of food and why it’s important for our planet and the people living on it to fall in love with food again. “Eat it to save it,” she said. And the way to do that, according to Kate, is “everyone cooks!”

About my guest: For 22 years, Kate Manchester was a private chef in New York. She has written for numerous contemporary magazines, authored two books, and taught a variety of seasonal cooking classes over the years. Today, she is the publisher and editor of edible Santa Fe, and host of edible Radio.

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Working Mother on a Mission – show 9

My guest today is a perfect example of this. Karen Ciesar is a successful business woman who owns Trillium Organics, makers of certified, organic personal care product since 1994. Her products sell in Whole Foods and in health stores around country. Deeply devoted and wildly vocal, Karen shares with us the truth about most personal care products on the market today — and the passions and pitfalls of being a working mother on a mission.

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To GREEN or not to GREEN, that is the question.

Luckily for us all, there is only one answer. That answer is yes. A better question might be, “Who can you trust?” In this ever growing and rapidly changing “green” market, it is harder and harder to figure out who or what is actually green. With so many words being thrown at us daily, ranging from “green”, “biodegradable”, “non toxic”, and many more, it is close to impossible to find out what truly is green.

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Winning Environmental Government Contracts – show 8

One of the most powerful ways to have a huge, positive impact on our planet today is through business. Paul Hawken, one of my favorite visionaries says, “Business is the only mechanism on the planet today powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse environmental and social degradation.” With that in mind, I invited Judy Bradt, an expert on assisting business people, especially women, effectively win environmental business contracts from the US government. Did you know that 5% of all goverment contracts are earmarked for women business owners? But, each year only 3% are ever awarded. Judy wants to change that and tells us how on Women Of Green.

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50 foot Solar Peace Sculpture – show 7

Laura Martorelli captivated me with a very intriguing project called the Solar Peace Sculpture. A 50 foot peace sculpture that artist, Fred George, visions in key cities around the world. Its contents: oil barrels, solar panels and interactive media. When asked why a 50 foot sculpture, Fred said, “To sound a global alarm of our crisis of consumption.” What does it bring up in you?

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