Localmotion with Vicki Pozzebon – show 4


Think Global. Act Local. We’ve all heard that mantra. My guest, Vicki Pozzebon, lives and breathes that 24/7. She’s the Executive Director of the Santa Fe Alliance, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting and helping sustain independent, locally-owned businesses, and she’s here to tell us what’s up in our local economies and how to make yours thrive.

Vicki’s contact info:

Vicki Pozzebon, Executive Director of Santa Fe Alliance


505 989-5362

Vicki (at) santafealliance (dot) com

Other Resources:

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

Photo of Vicki:  Anna Hansen (photographer)

  1. An inspiring story! Hi I’m Chris from the south coast of Western Australia- about as far away from santa Fe as you can get!

    I met Michael Shuman last year in Brisbane,Australia at the IACD Conference and have been following the work of Balle ever since. Living local economies is the most exciting and ‘honest’ movement I have seen in years.

    On a local level we are investigating the possibility of becoming a Transition Town, so I really appreciate being able to hear of your suceess. It’s such an inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Chris for speaking up. I love that you’re all the way in Australia and we’re all the way in Santa Fe and we can touch in like this! Please keep me informed about your process of becoming a Transition Town. Want to write a blog post about it on Women Of Green? Email me! carolyn@mindovermarkets.com. Keep up the great work. Carolyn

  3. Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tnaikg the time.

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