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February, 2010 | Women of Green

The Non-toxic Life with Liberty Phoenix Lord – show 6

My guest today is one of the reasons this show exists. Liberty Phoenix Lord took a deeply painful experience, the loss of her baby, and started a green business so no other mother would have to ever experience what she did. Today, she is the owner of INDIGOGreen, the premier green building store in Gainesville, FL., that provides healthy products for homes and offices nationwide. Listen to her unbelievably moving story on Women Of Green Podcast.

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The Sustainability of Creativity by designer, Erin Adams

Sustainability is a much-used term today in the design community. Most often, we connect it to our hopes and effort to sustain the environment. Products and buildings are deemed sustainable when they don’t deplete or damage the world. We now gauge sustainability and greenness by numerical statistics. LEED ratings, eco-labels, green seals, life-cycle assessments all have their place in making us more aware of the dangers of our material world.

But I wonder if these ratings go far enough. I wonder if they take into account the larger issues of sustainability. If a product can be produced using renewable resources and can later be broken down easily, we give it high marks.Yes, these products are green. Yes, these products sustain our physical environment. But I wonder about the sustainability of our social or cultural environment. I think about sustainability in a broader sense. I think about the sustainability of creativity and manufacturing and craftsmanship. I think about the sustainability of culture.

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The Greening of Detroit – show 5

Rebecca Salminen Witt has dedicated herself for the past 13 years to greening of Detroit. And she has her job cut out for her. More than half the citizens have moved out. Houses are selling for as low as $15,000.00. And in one recent article, estimate 40 acres of land inside Detroit’s city limits are abandoned. That’s the bad news. Or is that the good news? Listen up!

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Localmotion with Vicki Pozzebon – show 4


Think Global. Act Local. We’ve all heard that mantra. My guest, Vicki Pozzebon, lives and breathes that 24/7. She’s the Executive Director of the Santa Fe Alliance, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting and helping sustain independent, locally-owned businesses, and she’s here to tell us what’s up in our local economies and how to make yours thrive.

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You Say You Want a Mamalution? with Imani – show 3

You say you want a Revolution? Well, if it’s up to my guest, it would be a Mamalution. And John Lennon would be proud of her because Imani has been simmering this idea for a long time and now with the release of her new book, The “Absence of Soil,” her goal is to access 5 million consumers, mostly women to redefine how business is done.

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The Social Side of Green – show 2

Green goes beyond our physical environment to include our social environment. After all, what happens in our home effects what’s happening across the oceans. All the way to Zimbabwe. Jennifer Kyker, my guest, knows that. And after living in Zimbabwe as a teenager studying music, she returns years later as an adult helping orphaned teenage girls get an education. Her non-profit organization, Tariro, is dedicated to empowering and educating young women in Zimbabwe communities affected by HIV/AID. And that starts with paper, pencils and a uniform. See, green comes in many shades.

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Imani on Genetically-modified Foods

Although most consumers in the United States remain unaware that 90 percent of what sits on grocery store shelves are genetically modified, increasing numbers are demanding product labeling as done in Europe. Why are US companies who readily use GM ingredients in their products so reluctant to accurately label their products? Studies show that the majority of US consumers would choose non-GM foods IF they knew the foods they were buying contained GM ingredients.

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Green Can Be Beautiful with Erin Adams – show 1

Erin Adams has grown her company, Erin Adams Design, into the leading innovator in the arts and architectural industry. Conducting business with a social conscience, Erin views the idea of “green” as an overall approach to the way she does business — from collaborating with non-profits, to utilizing eco-friendly materials, to pushing the boundaries of convention. She is turning the green building industry inside out and her secret ingredient is beauty.

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